Ian Marlow, Boca Raton, Reviews the Major Issues Regarding Phishing Attacks

Ian Marlow Boca Raton

September 1, 2022

Ian Marlow Boca Raton Florida Cyber

Hackers are becoming bolder, and it is important for people to protect themselves accordingly. While there are countless types of viruses out there, one of the biggest security threats is a phishing attack. Even though this is a relatively simple concept, it comes in many shapes and forms. That is why it is important to rely on a cybersecurity expert, such as the CEO of FitechGelb, Ian Marlow, in Boca Raton, FL, for assistance. What is a phishing attack, and how can companies protect against it?

A Phishing Attack Steals Login Credentials

A phishing attack is an attack that tries to steal someone’s login credentials. A lot of people are worried about having their login credentials stolen by someone simply spying on their screen. According to Ian Marlow, “We have tempered glass you can buy for your phone called security glass — people behind you will not be able to read it.” Even though this is a threat, a lot of people willingly surrender their login credentials to someone who poses as a member of the company, government, or regulatory organization. If someone feels like an authority figure is asking for their login information, they will surrender it willingly.

Phishing Attacks Often Use Social Media and Email

Many of these phishing attacks are executed using social media. A hacker will use social media to figure out as much as they can about a specific employee. That way, they look more believable when they ask for the login credentials. Other phishing attacks could be executed via email. A lot of attacks will use a fake email address to make it look like it is coming from another company. Then, they will ask for someone’s login credentials and use them to take down the network. Ian Marlow advises everyone to beware of suspicious emails that look like they are coming from someone they know. They might be using a fake email address.

Education and Two-Factor Authentication Are Key

Similar to other types of malware and viruses, the best way to deal with this threat is to prevent it from happening. Education is critical. People need to understand what a phishing attack looks like. That way, they can spot it and report it to the right people. In addition, companies should invest in two-factor authentication. What this means is that people need to have two sets of credentials to access certain files. Their username and password might be one set of credentials. Then, they might need to use a security code, a fingerprint, or some other type of biometric to access sensitive information. That way, if someone steals one set of login credentials, they still don’t have access to the company’s confidential information.

Businesses Must Protect Themselves Against Viruses and Malware

Everyone has to protect themselves appropriately, and businesses in Boca Raton are no different. Phishing attacks will only become more complex. Companies should rely on cybersecurity experts, such as Ian Marlow and FitechGelb, to make sure they protect themselves. Companies have access to a lot of sensitive information, and they need to secure the confidence of their customers and clients. Investing in the right cybersecurity measures can help them do exactly that.